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wholesale jerseys cheap nfl jerseys overseas I tested two of them myself. The eye tracking works, but the calibration takes 15 seconds and must be completed every time you put the headset on. It also loses accuracy if the headset shifts on your face, but even when it working at its best it only accurate to within a few pixels.. Follow CNN(CNN)A horse that was racing Saturday at California’s Santa Anita Park was injured after a bad step and was euthanized on the track, the 32nd equine death tied to the famed track since December.Emtech, a 3 year old colt, had two broken front forelimbs, track owners the Stronach Group said in a news release.”As is protocol at Santa Anita, we will open an immediate review into what factors could have contributed to Emtech’s injury,” Stronach Group Chief Veterinarian Dr. Dionne Benson said. “Santa Anita will work closely with the California Horse Racing Board and will continue to brief our stakeholders and all of our constituents, including the public, as more facts come in.He was trained by Steve Knapp, whose horses have run more than 4,700 races in his career.It was the second day of racing of the track’s fall meet.Park closed for evaluation earlier this yearSanta Anita Park closed for evaluation in March after more than 20 horses died in the span of three months.When it reopened later that month, there were numerous changes: Trainers had to apply two days in advance before working out a horse; jockeys had to replace whips with softer “cushion crops” and restrictions on steroids, anti inflammation drugs and race day medications were instituted.Over the summer, the California Horse Racing Board also began investigating trainers to see if they played any role in the string of horse deaths at the park.The board had experts examine the remains of the dead horses for clues and worked with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, which launched an inquiry into “whether unlawful conduct or conditions affected the welfare and safety of horses.”Breeder’s’ Cup will stay in Santa AnitaThoroughbred racing’s year end championships will happen at the park as scheduled, the event’s board of directors said in June.The 2019 Breeders’ Cup World Championships are scheduled for November 1 2 at Santa Anita.The board unanimously decided to keep the championships in the Southern California park this year after noting “meaningful and effective reforms and best practices have been implemented in recent months at Santa Anita,” the event’s president said.”We fully embrace those reforms and will devote our time and energy in the coming mon[……]

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